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There's a story Ted Raimi told that I've always wondered about. When he was working in the episodes with old-age makeup, he had a hard time seeing his marks. He said that 'an absolute angel named Meighan Desmond' would lead him to where he needed to stand before the scenes started. I thought that was great...but I wondered how it was that you were there to lead him around. You weren't in any of those episodes where he used the old-age makeup.

Basically what happened was, I was finished...I think I'd been decapitated by that stage. Ted was doing his old age storyline, so heavily made up...and he's blind at the best of times. He wears his contacts and thick glasses and everything. So you can imagine being weighted down with all this makeup and you can't quite see. It's quite disorientating. But as to why I was there helping him, I'd heard about this job going through Pacific Renaissance where he needed a PA [personal assistant]. I'm hanging out with Ted for a bit and we got on like a house on fire and had a great time. I heard about the job from a friend of mine, Vanessa, who was Lucy's makeup artist. I had finished working, and being in between jobs is like a full-time thing for an actor. You go from job to job and you're not sure where you're next one is coming from. So I've always been picking up little sideline things along the way. So I rung up Ted and went 'I heard you're looking for a PA. Would you mind if I put my name forward?' I wanted to ring him up and ask him first in case he had a problem with it as far our friendship went. And he was like 'No, that's a great idea! I'd love it.' So I rang them up and asked them to consider me for the job. They did and it worked out really well.

So you ended up working as his on-set personal assistant?

Yeah. I had a great time.

Now I'd like to just name some of the people you've worked with and hear your thoughts on them. I'll start with Kevin Sorbo.

He was always a real gentleman. When a show is someone's show and they're the lead character, then as a guest actor there's always a kind of trepidation at how you're going to be received by them. But in my experience he was always more than lovely. And very welcoming.

Michael Hurst.

Michael Hurst. [big smile] He was lovely. Of course I knew Michael Hurst before I started because he's always been quite a well-renowned actor in the New Zealand acting community. So he was great. And he's pretty funny too in his own way.

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