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Alexandra Tydings.

Oh Alex! She was great. We had a great time together. She was genuinely a great person to be around. We had massive fights [in character] and the stunt guys would take us out an hour before rehearse this whole girly cat fight. It was the most fighting and stunt type of stuff that I've ever done when I was with her. She was great. I think we accidentally whacked each other a few times. So it was kind of like 'Whoops!' [laughs]

Lucy Lawless.

Lucy...ah. Like I said before, you do walk in with a bit of trepidation when you're coming on to someone's show. Especially if it's a girl coming onto a girl's territory. And she genuinely...I mean this has probably been said about her a thousand times before, but it's all because it's true. She was very welcoming. And the way she treated the crew, and the hint of community and pulling people together, building morale...basically she wanted the show to work. You know? And you could really see that by the way she handled herself and people and the way she kept things together.

Dean O'Gorman.

Dean was great. We actually worked together on Shortland Street as well. His storyline was that he was always chasing my best friend and my character was always like 'Why are you kissing him?' [laughs] And I was kind of dark on him. So we already knew each other. Yeah, he's a sweet boy. I think he's even over here [in America] at the moment. I'm not sure, I heard a rumor he was over here. And he's been to Australia and over here for a few trips. Yeah, he's a nice guy.

Renee O'Connor.

She's great. She's funny. I can't believe she married a New Zealander! [laughs] I guess after spending all this time down there she really adapted in and took to the lifestyle in New Zealand really well. And the people. It's not that different from where she's from. She's not originally from LA I think. I can't remember where she's from. Texas? Yeah, Texas. And it's not too different, the culture and the mindset there.

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