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The original Young Hercules movie, which was not released in America until after you'd already been seen on Xena, was actually the first Young Hercules show produced. And it was your first work as Discord.

That was my first ever work for Pacific Renaissance. And that's when they developed the character. What happened was I went along to the original auditions for the lead female in the movie. And I didn't get it. I wasn't right for it, but they really liked my audition. So they decided to create this much smaller part and went through all of this development, where I was the maid at Ares' house or wherever you hang out when your a god. They gradually developed it more and more so that over a period of time I was Ares' daughter and then his sister. And yeah, that's how the birth of Discord happened. [laughs]

It worked out great for you. And I'm glad it turned out that you didn't get the lead, as that character was killed off in the movie.

Yeah. Exactly. [laughs]

Unfortunately, Discord eventually had a her own finale. Just between you and me, don't you think Discord could have taken out Xena?

Yeah. [laughs] My last episode, which I've never seen by the way, but I do remember shooting it, I called it 'The Annihilation of the Gods'...cause it was. It was like all of a sudden I'm charging at Xena...and that was it. Like 'Ahhhh!' Boom. [squeaks] 'Bye.' [laughs] Ah well.

Did you get to keep any mementos of the show?

Yes, I did. I took one thing from the last episode, the sword I ran down the beach with. The art department was amazing at making these things that looked so real...and you could see the steely glint of the sword on screen, but it's just this hard rubber. I've got it in my room at home actually.

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