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Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have an older sister who's 27 and married. And I've got a younger brother who's ...23? [laughs] I'm a bit shaky on the ages. It's because I don't live with them. I live quite a way from them, my family is from a very small town and I'm in the city. And I have a younger sister who's 6 and has got all the makings of a performer. [laughs] She loves singing and dancing and telling a story.

Are you married or dating anyone?

I is such an American term, it cracks me up. But I guess you'd say I'm dating someone.

What term do they use in New Zealand instead of dating?

You're either 'in a relationship' or you're 'seeing someone'. [laughs] But actually I think New Zealanders need to get into the dating thing more because they don't really do it as much. But I do have a lovely, lovely boy waiting for me back in New Zealand.

Have you always wanted to act? What would you do if you weren't acting? And, speaking of which, I'd like to go into what you're doing now at odd Management.

Sure, sure. Yeah I've always wanted to be an actress. When I was a little girl growing up, that was it. You know, I was going to be an actress. And basically I achieved that when I was quite young and now it's only in the last couple of years that I'm trying to (do something) beyond that. I love acting, it's always been my first passion but it's not necessarily the only thing I want to do. So for the last 18 months I've been working at odd Management which is a talent agency. I'm being trained in what an agent does. And I really enjoy that. I find it really satisfying, but ultimately it's also not what I want to do. I'm hoping it will be a stepping stone or a kind of way to find out about the actual mechanics involved in the business side of acting. Performance and contacts and stuff like that. But I still haven't actually found what else I really want to do. I'm not sure if it's directing, not at the moment anyway. Producing I thought about for awhile but basically it's the money biz, you know? It's very kind of 'business-y'...or in my experience it is. So I think I need to try and do more things related to the industry, because I love that industry and it's the only one that I can see myself working in at the moment.

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