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Would you rather work in New Zealand or America?

I would love to work in America. I really would. The thing is, it's a lot harder start here. I mean if someone offered me a job tomorrow here, I'd love to do it. But where I am in New Zealand is...I'm at a place where I can achieve more through the people that I know and through the contacts and relationships that I've already established. So opportunities are probably going to be easier to achieve over there. Of course it's always a much smaller scale there.

The most asked question by your fans is: When are we going to see you acting again?

It's hard if not impossible to answer that. I audition for things all the time, and you never know if you're going to get them or not until you do. However, I have been talking with a director friend of mine who is interested in me helping him develop/write a female role for an idea/film he has been working on for quite some time. So if that came to fruition to the point where it would be made into a film, I'm sure he'd consider me for the role. However you just can't hold your breath until these things happen.

Is there a particular role, or type of role, that you'd really like to play?

If I had my pick of roles I'd love to do a period piece in the same vein as Dangerous Liaisons. Remember the one with John Malkovich, Uma Thurman and Michelle Pfeiffer? It's quite old now but I really enjoyed it when I saw it. Joan of Arc sounds amazing too, in fact anything which involves fantasy like that I find really interesting.

What is your favorite episode of the Hercules/Xena and Young Hercules shows?

The episode I enjoyed the most was a Xena episode called Married With Fishsticks where Gabrielle knocks her head and goes into kind of like a 'Flintstone-y' type of dreamland and wakes up and she's married with 3 kids. [laughs] I enjoyed that most because even though I love the Discord character, it's like anything...if you do something all the time you really appreciate when you get to do something different. And [my character] was so different and so funny. Almost kind of like 'The Nanny' type of character that flounced around in her push-up bra, but still had that sort of bad, evil edge. But I think I did that one the best because it allowed me to have quite a bit of range. So that was probably my favorite episode. But all the shows even though they were similar, they were all slightly different. Young Hercules was pitched to a whole different audience. A younger generation. So you weren't allowed to have the innuendoes or some of the trademarks of the other shows. It had to be softened down some. And it was a little more cheeky and fun. Xena, now that was vamped up. And so was Hercules, but not to the same point as Xena.

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