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Pasadena 2000 Convention Report by Paul Holdsworth

At Creation's Pasadena 2000 Xena convention, Meighan appeared on Saturday, which was billed as "The Night of Stars." That day featured seven guests, the most a Creation convention had ever had for one day. It was also the largest Xena and Hercules convention up to that point, with an attendance of close to 4000 fans. (This record was broken at Pasadena in 2001 with 4500 fans.)

I had a great seat for the event, the right side of Gold row D, which was the first row behind a very samll VIP section. Meighan was scheduled second on the card, first up was Joel Tobeck. He was very funny and, as it turns out, a close friend of Meighan's. During Joel's time on stage, I noticed a woman off stage in the wings taking pictures of Joel and the audience. It was Meighan.

When Joel's time on stage was over, Meighan went and sat down in the VIP section, one row in front of me. She was only there for a few minutes, but I did have a chance to talk to her, while Creation was preparing for the next section of the convention programming. It was just a little small talk, but I enjoyed it.

Creation ran a few videos and then Meighan went on stage. Unfortunately they had no Discord music video entrance for her. Meighan was dressed in jeans, a red tee-shirt and black platform type of shoes. She started off by saying: "Hi, I am Meighan Desmond, I play Discord." (She pronounced her name as Mee-ghan.)

Her appearance would only run for twenty minutes so she went right into the Q and A session. Microphones were set up at each side of the stage for fans to ask questions. As I recall, Meighan said her favorite episode was "Porkules." Very funny but she did not like the part about Discord turning into a chicken at the end. She said she did not know what they were implying with the "chicken thing."

A fan ask about upcoming episodes and Meighan said she just finished a Xena Episode "Married With Fishsticks" and it was fun to do. She had to do a Brooklyn accent for that episode, and proceeded to do a little of the accent for the fans.

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