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Pasadena 2000 Convention Report by Paul Holdsworth - part 2

More Questions:
(During this Q and A time Meighan was kind of jogging from side to side. Commented that it was fun, and would be her exercise for the day.)

Does Meighan surf the net? "Yes."

Asked about New Zealand: She said it is very nice, "outdoorsy" and very clean.

Asked how long she would be staying in Los Angeles: Meighan said she was going right back to New Zealand but wished she could stay longer. One of things she likes most about acting is getting to travel.

About this time Meighan's time on stage ended. It looked to me that Meighan was having a lot of fun.

Much later in the day, when Meighan and the other stars were signing autographs, I thanked her and said that I hoped to see her at other conventions. Meighan said that she thought that would be fun and that she would love to come back. She thanked me for coming.

And that was what my experience of seeing Meighan at a convention was like. I thought she was a great guest.