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And youíre working behind the scenes on a New Zealand drama now?

Yes, Iím in the art department for a one hour drama called Outrageous Fortune. Itís about a New Zealand crime family. Like our version of The Sopranos.

You played Lulu Chatfield on the New Zealand series Shortland Street. Isnít there a law that says any actor whoís been on that show once has to come back?

[laughs] You know what? Thatís exactly it. Thatís definitely the perception of how it was, and thereís a reality in that. People that have taken very small roles, and then two or three years later theyíve been recycled as another small role. But I think that for myself, personally, if I went back there then I could only ever be that same character and thatís pretty much up to the storyline. I think there is a small window of opportunity there but itís nothing that you can count on.

Perhaps you could play Luluís evil twin?

[laughs] Thatís so soap operaÖthatís not out of the question.

Have you been in any other work that we will see coming up? Anything that hasnít been released yet?

No. Actually Iím, not by choice, but Iíve moved away from acting for right now and Iíve got more regular work behind the scenes. Which I also really enjoy, because you have a different type of ownership of the projects that you do, but at the same time itís not like IĎm done acting. People always ask me if Iíve given up acting, and itís not a case of that at all. Itís just that I havenít done anything lately, but in saying that itís like a slow burning thing. And itís really a hard thing to gauge...success. There are no one-hit wonders. Really. Even the people whoíve made it very quickly have usually put some work in that you never see in the first place.

You worked for a while at the talent agency that represents you. Did you find that enjoyable?

Oh totally. It was in the office/business side of being an actor. It was interesting for seeing how the deals are made and I enjoyed it, but it was always going to be an office job. And ultimately I donít want to be in an office all day. Itís not creative. Youíre working within a creative industry but youíre actually not creating, youíre doing business. It was very beneficial for me to learn stuff like that, but it was a good time to leave at the same time. But I learned about the negotiations and the stuff that you discuss and all those things. Whatís important to the production and to the people that are making them. Itís a completely different headspace from an actor and why you take a role. Itís another look at the bigger picture. I wanted to do it and it was definitely worth doing it, but as I say, it was never going to be forever. But the knowledge I gained was great.

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