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What would you prefer to do if you had the choice?

Acting wise I love doing anything. I love being an actor. Itís completely different than being behind the scenes and Iíve done a lot of both of them now and theyíre very different vehicles. But the thing that Iíve found is that I actually get a lot more work doing other stuff aside from acting. And acting will always be my first passion, but I just got tired of waiting around for the phone to ring. [laughs] And rather than letting that get me down I decided that I didnít want to be on this roller coaster ride of letdowns. Iíd rather just be part of something and doing anything than doing nothing at all.

Is there any particular type of role that you really want to play?

Iíd love to be in a film because I havenít actually done many of them. Iíve done more television series work. I think sometimes you read a script and you can actually picture the character and know it. The performances Iím happy with myself, personally, are when you can actually feel it, and itís still quite very different from you. So when anything like that comes along Iím quite happy with it, but I canít put it down to any one thing. And there are some scripts that you read, or parts that you go on audition for, and youíre thinking íI donít get this.í And obviously I never got them. [laughs] But yeah, Iím just waiting for the next thing that I actually really do GET. And I can picture in my head and get excited about it because Iíll see 20 million different ways of playing it. So, to be very vague. [laughs] Very, very vagueÖIím just waiting for the next great opportunity.

I want to ask you about the entertainment field as a whole in New Zealand. First Renaissance Pictures began making shows there, and now you have a number of big budget movies coming in to film. However, and I could be mistaken on this, Iíve heard that some of the tax laws no longer make it as inviting for foreign companies to come in. What is the feeling among the performers in New Zealand? Do you have a positive outlook for the future?

You know for the last 5 years Iíve been in the industry itís like every year you hear people talking and the rumors are always: itís going to be a great year this year. Itís going to be great with all the stuff coming down here. But you know, Peter Jackson definitely made a HUGE impression. And that year was good when the Oscars had something like twelve awards going to New Zealanders. I mean that was MASSIVE for us. It was. Absolutely. All of a sudden, everyone knew about New Zealand and it was extremely beneficial. So I think nowÖeveryoneís been talking about things that are going to happen for the last long time, but now I really feel like weíre actually closer to that than ever before. Iím not sure about the laws but there are still huge benefits and thereís still huge appeal. And with people like Peter making things, itís getting a lot easier and things are more attainable. People are more familiar. So Iím pretty optimistic about it. [laughs] Iím optimistic.

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