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I know you've said many times that you enjoyed doing fight scenes with Meighan. Is there any particular episode or scene that is your favorite?

Yeah! [pauses and then laughs] I don't remember what it's called! It's on my reel, it's on my acting reel. Boom! Boom! [punchs the air] And then the crabs go flying.

That sounds like Love on the Rocks.

Yeah! That was a blast. That was sort of like my first real choreographed fight scene. It was fun!

You seem to find the fun in most situations. Tell me, what's the craziest or most rebellious thing you've ever done? Or the most trouble you've ever gotten into?

[laughs and then considers] It's a tie between shaving my head and getting arrested. Yeah. I got arrested in a protest. And I shaved my head for fun. Yeah. [smiles]

How did you look bald? Any pictures?

[laughs] No. You know I have no pictures of those days with the blue and pink and purple hair and stuff. There are all these elegant black and white pictures that my friends took. And I was like 'yeah right, that's me.' [laughs]

Here's a special question for you. Did you have a garage sale in the last two weeks?

Yeah! How'd you know?

Did you put an item up for sale that you ended up taking back into your house?

Did I? [puzzled]

I don't know, but Claire said I should ask you that. (Claire Stansfield, Alex's friend and fellow Xena actress.)

[laughs] What happened was, David Franklin is staying at my house right now. If you don't know, he played...whatever he did [laughs]...Brutus. He and his friend from Australia are staying and they've been in the house for a long time. They've been very sweet and were trying to be very helpful with this garage sale, which was so major. David decided at the last minute to go to the Grand Canyon and be there on the day of the sale. Before he left, he helped me cart books outside. But in the attempt to make a contribution, he put this book of his, a holiday book that he'd just read, in with all my books. I didn't realize he'd done that. So later when I checked all the books, I was like...'David's book! No!' Maybe that's what Claire was getting at.

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