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Turning back to your work with Meighan, any particular anecdotes that stand out? Did you ever introduce her to the joys of punk rock?

[pauses to consider] Probably not. You know, being on set is a bit like going on a field trip. So you have your handbag with your wallet and maybe your notebook or a book in it. You don't really have a stereo and music and stuff like that. But Meighan kind of introduced me to some things. She tried to help me with a Kiwi accent one time...and the word Maori. We had this whole conversation about the word Maori, and she tried to help with figuring out how to say that word. She eventually just gave up I think. And there was that whole episode, I don't remember the names, the one where we had our Brooklyn accents?

That was Married With Fishsticks.

Right. I got the call from my agent saying 'you're going to New Zealand for a couple of weeks.' And what I always do, because I'm an actor who likes to do my homework and all that stuff, I say 'can I have the script?' There was no script yet. Okay, so a week later when I ask...'No, there's no script yet. They'll fax it to you. Don't worry.' [shakes head] There was no script until I got there. I got off the plane in New Zealand and we're shooting the day after tomorrow and that's when I see the script, and it says we have Brooklyn accents! I dont know about you but I don't...I mean at this point I have some accents that I've worked on so I can kind of call them up, but I didn't really have a handbag of accents, including Brooklyn, that I could just pull out. And Meighan certainly didn't. And you know, she's never lived in New York and all that. So the two of us were slightly panicked. And we were like, 'really, we're doing this in two days?' Yes we were. We rented 'My Cousin Vinny' and we watched 'The Nanny.' [laughs and slips into Brooklyn accent] Yeah, it's more nasal, [back to her normal voice] and tried to get all of that in there. It was funny.

You both did a great job with it. So, do you have much contact with Meighan these days?

I haven't talked to Meighan in awhile. How is she?

She's doing well. She's training to be an agent now while still going on auditions.

Wow! She's a bright girl, you know. She can do anything she wants to. Good for her.

Thank you for taking time to do this interview.

My pleasure.