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Alexandra Tydings: A Goddess Speaks in Brooklyn

Author: Laren Farmer

Source: Exclusive interview for The Official Meighan Desmond Fan Site

Date: August 24, 2003

About two years ago it seemed that I'd be running into Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite on Xena and Hercules) every other weekend or so. That was before she took a long break from doing conventions to care for an ill family member.

Her convention hiatus ended recently when Alex appeared at a Creation event in Brooklyn, New York. Not only was she as charming, entertaining, and beautiful as ever...but she remembered me, and readily agreed to my interview request.

So accompanied by my friend Julie (who'd managed to quickly bond with Alex over their mutual love of punk rock), I sat down to ask Ms. Tydings about working with Meighan Desmond.

When did you first meet Meighan?

[pauses as she tries to remember] Who knows? It was a long time ago. What episode was it? [asking herself as much as me]

One of the Hercules episodes, I'd think.

Probably...Oh! [excited] Was it the one when she gets turned into a chicken? [shakes her head] No, there were others before that. Yeah, its funny. For example, with Bruce Campbell... I've done epsiodes with Bruce but I've never worked with him before. Sometimes you work with someone without even ever seeing them except in the reading room. But Meighan was always super lovely and super sweet. What I do remember...I don't know whose idea it was, but it seems like someone started to realize it was kind of fun to have Meighan and I fighting with each other. I do have very strong memories of the two of us being hooked up in this rock climbing gear [laughs] attached to a bunch of cables and then perched on the top of a building. There was no blue screen there, we really were perched on the top of the building on the set and doing our scene...which was so fabulous! One of those classic 'who gets to do this in a lifetime?' kind of stunts.

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