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Well, I enjoyed all of you in that episode as well.

Thanks. But also the other thing I enjoy watching about Meighan is that she looks like a model but she's incredibly goofy. And that's really an unusual trait too...just as an addendum to my previous comment about her.

Now, eventually Meighan ended up working as your on-set assistant for awhile.

She did. And that was really great. Of course she was off for a couple episodes and I really needed some help. She was very kind enough to do it. First I begged Eric Gruendemann, our production manager, if I could have her as an assistant because my makeup was so intense during those last few episodes, and I was blind. All I could do was hobble back to my trailer and sit down in the air-conditioning between takes, so it was hard for me. I asked Meighan because she's so responsible and works so hard that I didn't know anyone else who would be as good as her. But I didn't know if she'd do it, because she's an actor first and foremost, she's not anybody's assistant. So I got very lucky and she was very kind to do it. She really didn't have to do that. It was just one of those wonderful kind of coup things where you get lucky, so it was very fortunate. Plus she's always nice to hang out with because she's always got a lot to talk about. She's a clever girl.

Any anecdotes that come to mind from hanging out with Meighan?

Let me think. Well, I'll tell you what, I think I'll keep Meighan's personal life personal...but I'll tell you this - she's one of the most generous actors I've ever worked with. You know lots of actors will try to steal focus in ways when you're working with them, and Meighan doesn't do that at all. She's very generous and she's a very good listener...and I don't mean listener like as a person, I mean as an actor. She pays attention to the other acting in a scene and she does that extremely well. My only hope is that I get to work with her again. The other work I've done since Xena ended....there's really been nobody quite like her. Nobody with that kind of energy that really makes you glad to be on the set. And I think she made everyone really glad. I think the best sort of word to describe her is extremely groovy. So I'll say that about her for sure.

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