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Ted Raimi: Interview at Sea

Author: Laren Farmer

Source: Exclusive interview for The Official Meighan Desmond Fan Site

Date: April 11, 2003

What's the best way to arrange an interview with a successful actor like Ted Raimi? Well, if you find yourself on an ocean voyage with him, it will be hard for him to escape without doing a lot of swimming. But seriously....

On the recent Xena Cruise, Ted (Joxer on Xena) not only entertained all the fans in attendance, he also very graciously agreed to speak with me about Meighan. Besides being very funny and generous with his time, Ted also had some very interesting and insightful things to say about acting with Meighan and the nature of television.

When did you first meet Meighan?

I think I might have met Meighan about, I'm not sure, I think it was maybe four years ago. Something like that. I don't know the exact day I met her but I do remember seeing her in her Discord costume, which was I thought one of the coolest costumes that anybody had. [laughs] Especially of all the girls, I think hers was probably the best one. I remember thinking she was very unique, because she was not like any other actress that I had ever met. She seemed extremely focused but relaxed, which is an unusual combination for an actor to have.

You worked with her in two Xena episodes. The first being Takes One To Know One. Do you have any particular memories of working with her in that episode?

Not that one. I think I was in a bunch of other episodes with her actually. The funny thing about Meighan is that she and I never really had any dialogue together. I think maybe once. Maybe.

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