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Meighan Desmond: The Pasadena Interview

Author: Laren Farmer

Source: Exclusive interview for The Official Meighan Desmond Fan Site

Date: February 8, 2003

Barely six weeks after first exchanging email with Meighan Desmond, I found myself waiting to meet her in the lobby of the Pasadena Sheraton hotel. When she arrived, looking even lovelier in person than I'd expected, I escorted her to the thankfully uncrowded hotel bar. Meighan was friendly and charming as we made small talk and exchanged gifts before getting down to the interview. I had planned to start with some simple questions (many of which had been emailed in by fans) before getting into more indepth topics...but Meighan needed no special prompting from me and was soon sharing all sorts of interesting details about her career.

First question, how is your first name pronounced?

New Zealanders pronounce my name Mee-gun. Americans pronounce my name May-gan. My family calls me Mee-gun.

Do you have any pets?

No. I live in an apartment and that's not really conducive to having pets in the house. There's no backyard or outdoor area. I think I would have a dog if I were going to have an animal.

Favorite color?


Favorite food or dessert?

[laughs] I like it all. I love Japanese.

Favorite movie?

I actually haven't been to the movies lately. I don't have an all-time great. You go to the movies for so many different reasons, but ultimately to be entertained. Then again you can walk away from one sitting in one night and feel emotionally moved or whatever. I don't have a favorite I just enjoy them all...what they have to offer.

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