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Meighan Desmond: The Burbank Interview

Author: Laren Farmer

Source: Exclusive interview for The Official Meighan Desmond Fan Site

Date: January 21, 2005

Meighanís third American convention appearance was a rousing successÖespecially if success is measured by how much fun was had by fans, website interviewers and the celebrity interviewee herself.

On the first day of the Burbank Xena Convention Meighan opened the show with the first guest Q&A session, posed for photo ops with fans and then joined two friends and myself for lunch. After some great conversation, a few rejected marriage proposals and some impromptu picture-taking, we moved to a quiet area of the hotel lounge and began the actual interview.

Itís great to talk to you again Meighan. What Iíd like to begin with is some of the projects youíve done in the past. Most people know you as Discord, and many are also aware of Shortland Street, but I want to go over the other work youíve done in New Zealand. Iíll go through titles and you can tell us anything youíd like to about the project and the character you played.

Great. Go For it.

Letís start with The Parking Nazi. You played Claire.

Itís a very short film basically about 5 to 7 minutes. It was a very small part. A cameo type of role. Itís just one of those things you do. A lot of filmmakers over in New Zealand make short films because itís the way they pitch something in order to get funding to make something bigger. So a lot of the time thatís all about flexing your acting muscles or just doing something different than what youíve been typecast as.

When Love Comes Along. Your character was named Shelley.

Dean OíGorman was in that. He had the starring role. I had a very small part in that and it ended up on the editing room floor, which I was told that it was nothing personal [laughs] and that it came down to a matter of time so it had to go. But again it was just one of the many things that you do in order to be doing something.

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